DJ Steve Chacon Master Of Ceremonies
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  1. What kind of training do you take to ensure my event is the best it can be?

2. How many years experience does my DJ have for my type of event?

  • Steve Chacon has been a DJ for Weddings and Quinceañeras since 1986. With over 1000 events in his career.

3. Is this your full time job? or is this just a hobby you do for fun?

  • Steve Chacon is a full time DJ/MC. Typically Sunday Thru Thursday Steve Chacon is either preparing for the next event or meeting new clients. On Fridays and Saturdays Steve Chacon is typically out of the office performing entertainment.

4. Is Steve Chacon Weddings an agency or the actual DJ that will personally be there for your event? 

  • With Steve Chacon Weddings you are guaranteed to have Steve Chacon as your DJ and Master of Ceremonies with a back-up DJ working with Steve the day of your event.

5.  Does the DJ have a detailed planner for my event?  

  • Things don’t just happen.  They are planned to happen that way.  With Steve Chacon Weddings we take the time to meet with our clients and plan to ensure a successful event. (Typically over 40 hours are spent planning your Event).

6. Are requests welcomed and encouraged?  Can I give you a list of songs that I want to be played?

  • Steve Chacon encourages a list from the client.  We are more than happy to play your request.  You also have a 24/7 music library to choose from.

7. Are you licensed and insured ?

  • Steve Chacon Weddings is a licensed business and carries a $2,000,000 General Liability Insurance Policy.

8. Do you rent or own the equipment for my event? Is it professional equipment that is clean in apearance?   

  • Steve Chacon Weddings takes great pride in it’s equipment. It is 100% owned by Steve Chacon. There is nothing borrowed or rented. This gives you the assurance that we understand our system very well, and that it is in tip-top condition. Steve Chacon uses the industry standard set-up. If you were to visit any major nightclub in the united states you would see the exact same set up as Steve Chacon Weddings uses.

9.  Will the DJ have backup equipment for my event? What happens if we have a blackout and lose all power?

  • With Steve Chacon Weddings all up-lighting and pin spot lighting is battery powered. We also carry a complete battery powered audio system with us…..Just in case.

10.  Do you use a legal binding contract?  

  • Always have it in writing.  Our contract not only protects us but it protects you, the client, as well.  Without anything in writing your entertainment will not even have an obligation to show up.